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Sophia Mafrige for Judge Campaign Endorsements
The "C" Club of Houston 
Kingwood Tea Party Inc.
Conservative Coaltion of Harris County
United Republicans of Harris County
Harris County Conservative Politics
Harris County Deputies' Organization
Houston Police Officer's Union PAC
The Jewish Herald Voice
Katy Christian Magazine
The Texas Conservative View PAC
Spring Branch Republicans
Mexican-American Bar Association of Houston
Association of Women Attorneys
The Houston Chronicle  
Big Jolly Politics

Hon. Dwayne Bohac, State Representative District 138
Hon. Patricia Harless, State Representative District 126
Hon. Allen Fletcher, State Representative District 130
Valoree Swanson, SREC Dist. 7, Pct. Chair 552
Clint Moore, SREC Dist. 7, Pct. Chair 110
Rex Teter, SREC Dist. 6, Pct. Chair 302
Glenda Bowles, SREC Dist. 6
Dennis Paul, SREC SD 11
Rex Lamb, SREC SD 13
Bonnie Lugo, SREC Dist. 13
Tina Gibson, SREC Dist. 17
Kathy Luckenbach, Senate District Director SD 17 TFRW
Mark Ramsey, Texas GOP Vote Blogger
Lewis Luckenbach, III, Former Committeeman Texas Republican Party Nominations Committee
Rev. Eugene Pack, Former SREC Dist. 13, Former Chaplain HCRP, Pct. Chair 286
Betty Boren Avery, Chairman Military Partnership Committee HCRP, Pct. Chair 398
Peggy Lindow, Pct. Chair 1
Randy Kubosh, Pct. Chair 2, Secretary Harris County Republican Party Finance Committee
Marvin Clede, SD 17 Chairman
Bryan Coleman, Pct. Chair 3
Ramsay M. Elder, Pct. Chair 15
Doug Markham, Pct. Chair 54
Russell R. Rush, Pct. Chair 155
Larry Harris, Pct. Chair 179
Hon. Scott Link, former Judge 80th District Court, Pct. Chair 182
Patricia Phillips, Pct. Chair 189
Karen Weiss, Pct. Chair 190
Jim Bowie, Pct. Chair 192
Carmen Cuneo, Pct. Chair 210
Tom Zakes, Pct. Chair 220
Erich Holz, Pct. Chair 255
Robert "Bob" Shults, Pct. Chair 258
Jeff Burkett, Pct. Chair 268
Giovanna "Givvie" Searcy, Pct. Chair 278
Judith H. Jones, Pct. Chair 287
Judith Ellis, Pct. Chair 298
Mike Holsey, Pct. Chair 312
Charly Varughese, Pct. Chair 314
Ann Lee, Pct. Chair 315
Elizabeth Perez, Pct. Chair 329
Joan McMillan, Pct. Chair 377
Tom Cottar, Pct. Chair 386
Sandi Denenburg, Pct. Chair 434
John McReynolds, Pct. Chair 445
Diane Rowland, Pct. Chair 451
Phillip Webb, Pct. Chair 474
Stuart Mayper, Pct. Chair 492
Ralph Fite, Pct. Chair 499
Perky Savage, Pct. Chair 519
John Haessly, Former Pct. Chair 552
Walter Robin, Pct. Chair 570
Dianne Williams, Pct. Chair 600
Lesa Trapp, Pct. Chair 618
Michael Pollak, Pct. Chair 629
Michael Palmquist, Pct. Chair 633
Elvie Kingston, Pct. Chair 648
Brent Monteleone, Pct. Chair 670
Jim McSpadden, Pct. Chair 727
Dorothy "Dee" Carroll, Pct. Chair 728
Joseph McReynolds, Pct. Chair 730
Erroll Ivery, Pct. Chair 748
Becky Flowers, Pct. Chair 771
Ken Moore, Pct. Chair 793
Bruce Slover, Pct. Chair 803
Rhonda Ohmberg, Pct. Chair 839
Joseluis R. Ablaza, Pct. Chair 850
Dale R. Gibble, Pct. Chair 2050 Ft. Bend
Norman Adams, co-founder Texans for Sensible Immigration Policy, founding 
Director of Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse 
Kate Alsina
Richard Ambrose, past President Greater Houston Young Adult Republican Club
Betty Attra
Dr. Bill Attra
Cheryl A. Austin
Diana Ayers 
Dr. Juluette Bartlett-Pack
Trey Bergman
Joan Buschor
Penny Butler, former Republican National Committeewoman
Hon. Cynthia Crowe, former Judge Harris County Civil Court at Law #4
Issa Dadoush
Denis DeBakey
Marcy De Luna
Chris Di Ferrante
Tony Deeb
Vicky Deeb
John Dillon
Rosalie Dillon
Ed Dumont
Grant Dunwoody
Ramsay Elder
Don Elsaifi
Cynthia England
Eric English
Kathryn Farris
William J. Federer, renowned author
Rajada Fleming
Dr. Mark Fleming
Nancy Furst
Janice Jamail-Garvis
Deacon David Garvis 
Ed Gonzales 
Henrietta Haessly
Bill Haidamous
Linda Haidamous
Al Hartman
Barbara Hauser, former President Magic Circle Republican Women
Alan B. Helfman
Gilbert A. Herrera
Howard Holsenbeck, past Chairman C Club Political Affairs Committee
Evan S. Howell
David Jennings
Kim Jessup
Norma Brady Jeter
Terese Joubran
Salim Joubran
Henry Kaim
Apostle Claver T. Kamau-Imani, Founder & Chairman Raging Elephants
Hon. Bert Keller, former Houston City Council Member 
Connie Sue Kelley
Kathryn Mafrige Kent
Michael Kent 
Jessica Kent
Tom Kent
Doris Halbouty Konduros
Earl Lairsen
Hon. Toni Lawrence, former Houston City Council Member 
Bob Lawrence
Jim Lennon, co-founder Kingwood Tea Party Inc. (for informational purposes only)
Robin Lennon, President Kingwood Tea Party Inc. (for informational purposes only)
Burt Levine
Lois Lewis
Les Lewis
Larry Lipton
Bob Macey
Hon. Louis Macey, former Houston City Council Member and Metro Board Member, past President C Club
Carole Mafrige
Carolyn Mafrige
David Z. Mafrige
Col. Don Mafrige, USAR-ret.
Don Mafrige Jr.
Heather Bering Mafrige
Joe'l Mafrige
John Mafrige 
Laura Mafrige 
Mauney Mafrige
Rocky Mafrige
Steven J. Mafrige
Stevens F. Mafrige
Victoria Mafrige
Harris Malick
Chris Maurer
Mary Maxey
Stuart Mayper
Dennis McQueen
Deany Meinke, past President Daughters of Liberty RW, past member TFRW Executive Board
Melissa Mafrige Mithoff
George Moore
Roy Morales, Harris County School Trustee & Chair of Audit/Budget Committee
Judy Mousa
Terry Munisteri
Frank Nadolney, past President C Club
Col. Ret. Albert Nahas
Carolyn Nahas
Leslie Najm
Elize Najm
Phillipe Najm
Roula Nassar
Anne Nielsen
Ann O'Neill
Frances Nussbaum
Jack O'Connor
Gigi H. Oglesby
Dorothy Olmos
Dave Oppermann
Immy Papadopoulos
Hon. Jack Rains, former Texas Secretary of State, past President C Club
Claudette Rogers
Mary Roland, former President Magic Circle Republican Women
Tom Ross
Carmen Salameh
Gail Schubot
Mary Sergesketter
Emely Shay
Mike Skowronek
Bob Stevenson, SBISD Board of Trustees
Bob Stover
Helen Streaker
Barbara Stubblefield
Alvin G. Walker, Harris County Conservative Politics
Don Van Wart, Charter Member C Club
Lois Van Wart, former President Magic Circle Republican Women
Jody Weaver
Diane Webb, former Chair Pct. 217
Eric J. Weinmann
Hon. Martha Wong, former State Representative Dist. 134, former Houston City 
Council Member
Willie Wright

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